Duterte joins Christian faithful in celebrating Christmas in his Christmas Day message


MANILA, Philippines– President Rodrigo Duterte said that he is one with Christians in celebrating the reason for this season in a statement released on Wednesday, December 25.

“I join the Christian faithful in celebrating the joyous occasion of Christmas,” he said. “This day reminds us of the birth of a savior who exemplified the true meaning of love, grace and selflessness to the word,” he added.

As we remember the true meaning of this occasion, the president expressed a fervent wish that we may be able to “emulate Christ’s empathy and kindness by opening our hearts and extending our hands to everyone, especially to those who are less fortunate, and sharing with them the bounty and blessings we have received in the past year.”

“This season is the perfect time, not only to partake in our traditions, but also to reflect on the importance of family as the center of our celebration,” he noted.

Duterte also called on every Filipino across the globe to be “an inspiration to others through our small acts of benevolence” and to help the nation move to a brighter future.

“As we delight ourselves in the warmth of loved ones. let us strengthen our bonds and deepen our relationships with one another. Together, let us rejoice in Christ’s compassion and celebrate our shared humanity as we steer our nation towards a brighter tomorrow,” he said.

“I wish everyone a happy and blessed Christmas,” President Duterte added.

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