PM2.5 dust particles return to threaten nine areas of Bangkok


PM2.5 dust particles are back in Bangkok and provinces near it. In the latest air quality readings today from the Pollution Control Department, there are nine areas which contain levels exceeding the 50-micron standard level.

According to the department, the air quality will get worse tomorrow, thanks to the weak low-altitude air flow.

The department urged the public to cooperate and not to burn anything in open areas, as well as to temporarily discontinue the use of vehicles belching smoke.

Meanwhile, in the north, several provinces are experiencing worsening haze problem including Chiang Mai, which topped the list of the World’s Most Polluted City in the latest report released by Air Visual. Man-made forest fires are the main culprit which have sent the level of PM2.5 dust over the 50-micron level.

On Tuesday, PM2.5 particulate matter measuring 250 microns was recorded in Sansai district of Chiang Mai. In Chiang Rai’s Mae Sai district, however, the level of fine dust particles was measured at 146 microns.

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