Dual Pricing: Tourists and Thais should pay the same fees, said Minister for Tourism and Sports


BANGKOK — Dual pricing is very much alive in Thailand. It is a practice of charging a low price for the locals but an exorbitant amount for foreigners.

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Some tourists visiting historical parks are unaware of dual pricing. They pay the entrance fee without realizing that below the English price is the low price given to the locals.

This practice angered many visitors and residents who are aware of what is happening, yet the only thing they could do is shake their heads in disgust.

But it appears two-tier pricing could finally reach its end as part to stimulate the tourism sector of the country.

Pipat Ratchakitprakarn, the new Minister for Tourism and Sports, said there should be no difference in pricing. He said that tourists and Thais should pay the same fees in entering heritage sites such as Sukhothai and Ayuthaya.

And to attract more visitors to the country, the Minister is planning to promote international sporting events like the Moto GP motorcycle race in Buriram.

By hosting international sporting events, he said, it could drive more visitors to Thailand and will introduce the country to all the racers too.

It sounds exciting. But for now, we can only hope that this will come into effect the soonest time possible. Because everyone deserves a good holiday and no one wants to think that someone is going to rip them off. 

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Marcus Felipe