Digital learning TV tests to kick off soon


Education Minister Nataphol Teepsuwan has said digital learning or learning via satellite television may be the best method to teach students while schools are closed amid the Covid-19 outbreak as the ministry prepares to commence broadcast tests.

Mr Nataphol said the novel coronavirus has forced the government to defer the new school year from the middle of next month to July 1 and the ministry will test alternative teaching methods for students studying at home in the meantime.

He said the ministry is turning into Digital Learning Television (DLTV) and has held a discussion with the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission to dedicate 13 channels accessible by the students nationwide.

“If the spread of the disease can be stopped before July 1 and everything is brought under control, classes at schools will open as normal,” Mr Nataphol said.

The ministry initially suggested distributing electronic tablets to students at home, but flaws identified in the use of computer devices, such as high cost and limited student-teacher interactivity.

Mr Nataphol said tablet-based learning would present more problems than it solves.

The ministry on May 16 will begin to experiment with the DLTV remote learning method with students participating in classes from home. It will then survey the system and check for glitches.

He said one problem with remote learning is that around 10% of the schools in the kingdom are without electricity, adding that students affected could be permitted to physically attend classes if an area has zero coronavirus cases.

He said the ministry is also looking into arranging this year’s entrance exams online or at schools.

Source: Bangkok Post

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