Day 5 Search – Parents of Angelo Cortez hope he is found alive


Parents of Angelo Bien Rafael Cortez are not giving up. On July 21, Sunday, they expressed hope that their son will be found alive in a meeting with Mr. Pakhaphong Tavipatana, governor of Phuket.

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On Wednesday, 29-year-old Angelo Cortez together with other Filipino tourists played on the beach. They were swept into the sea by strong waves near Phuket’s Freedom Beach. One of them, Noah Ibay, was found lifeless between rocks on Friday.

Angelo’s parents gave a picture of him to the authorities in hopes that it may help them in their search. Authorities now include Tambon Karon and Tambon Patong and asked for cooperation from all relevant local administrations, said the report from Thai PBS.

Consul-General Val Simon Roque of the Philippine Embassy together with the wife of Noah Ibay, met with the Phuket governor yesterday in preparation for the repatriation of Mr. Ibay’s remains.

Mr. Ibay’s wife said she has no further concerns regarding the cause of Mr. Ibay’s death. She thanked the Thai rescuers for recovering her husband’s body.

Cortez and Ibay came to Phuket together with 11 other Filipino tourists. Six of them went to Freedom Beach to play in the sea. Four of them returned safely but Mr. Ibay and Mr. Cortez were swept away by high waves and strong currents.

Source: Thai PBS

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