Crocodile sightings in Ratchaburi after heavy rainfall and flooding


A resident of Photharam District in Ratchaburi province said that due to flooding caused by heavy rainfall, there have been crocodile sightings in the area. Villagers fear for their safety especially for children who often play in the water. 

Mr. Banchuap, 33, took the reporters to Ban Nong Makha creek where the crocodiles were seen. According to him, villagers already caught a 1-meter long crocodile in September. Two weeks later, another crocodile, almost 2 meters long, was seen.

The second crocodile was found dead in the flooded part of the area, about 100 meters from where the first crocodile was found. It was unknown where they came from.

Everyone in the area is advised to be the eyes and ears of each other because these crocodile sightings could possibly indicate there are more. Those who want to fish are advised to be careful and refrain from allowing children to play in the water.

Source: Khaosod

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