COVID-19 test not a requirement to extend visa, says Phuket Immigration


PHUKET — Foreigners who wish to extend their visas are not required to show a Covid-19 test that proves they are not infected with the virus, Phuket Immigration said.

According to Deputy Chief Col Nareuwat Putthawiro, they have not received any such order from the main office in Bangkok or from the regional headquarters in Songkhla.

“We do not require any medical documents for an application to renew a visa, because there are few foreigners’ movements outside Phuket. Most of them live and work in Phuket, and have done so before the new wave of COVID-19,” Col Nareuwat said as reported by Phuket News.

Col Nareuwat said that nothing has changed and that foreigners should not worry about it. He also added that a medical certificate is needed at the moment and not a Covid-19 test that shows “negative.”

“We have not received any notices about COVID-19 requirements for processing applications to renew visas. If we do receive any such orders, we will let the public know,” Col Nareuwat assured.

Source: The Phuket News

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