Coronavirus Update: 213 dead, 9,075 infections as of January 31

As of 31 January 2020, there are 213 reported deaths, 9,075 infections and 12,167 suspected cases of the Wuhan coronavirus.

The new coronavirus has been declared by the World Health Organization as a global emergency after the death toll climbed to 213 on Friday and infecting nearly 10,000 people.

In a report from Shanghaiist, an English-language website about China, 43 people succumbed to the Wuhan coronavirus in the last 24 hours alone, according to figures issued by the National Health Commission as of Jan 31, 6.30 am.

Forty-two (42) of these deaths occurred in Hubei province, half of them in Wuhan, the epicenter of the outbreak.

Across the province, another 1,220 infections were confirmed (378 in Wuhan).

The total cases of Wuhan coronavirus have surpassed that of the SARS in 2002-2003 with 9,075 infections around the globe.

India, Italy, and the Philippines confirmed their first case of the virus.

India’s first patient was a student from Wuhan university who had traveled to Kerala before testing positive.

In the Philippines, a 38-year-old Chinese tourist arrived from Wuhan via transit in Hong Kong before being intercepted by health officials.

Italy isolated an elderly Chinese couple that arrived as part of a tour group at the Spallanzani National Institute of Infectious diseases and sealed their hotel room.

Close to 100 cases have been confirmed in 18 countries around the world, and eight human-to-human transmissions have been reported in Germany, Japan, Vietnam and the United States.

British Airways, Lufthansa, El Al, Alitalia, Swiss and Austrian Airlines are among some of the major international airlines that have canceled all fights to and from China.

Source: Shanghaiist

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