Consuming too much bubble tea can lead to diabetes


Are you one of those who has a penchant for boba/bubble tea? Perhaps it is high time for you to ditch your liking or at least limit your consumption of this popular beverage because according to Foundation for Consumers, consuming boba/bubble milk tea has a risk of having diabetes.

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The foundation warned people on Thursday that 92 percent of the bubble tea brands available in Thailand contain an above the recommended amount of sugar, while the “bubbles,” although still within the legal amount, contain a high level of food preservatives.

The results of the conducted test of the foundation were published in Charlardsue magazine’s latest edition.

According to the foundation’s secretary-general Saree Ongsomwang as reported by The Nation, there are only two brands that maintained the 24 grams or six teaspoons of sugar recommended by the World Health Organisation for daily intake. The brands KOI The and TEA 65 had 16g and 22g per serving respectively.

Brands that carry the highest amount of sugar are CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice with 74g, Moma’s Bubble Tea Bar with 68g and Formosa with 65g, the report added.

Source: The Nation

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