Coffeehouse chain Starbucks to provide paper straws starting January 6


In a move to help reduce the usage of single-use plastic, Coffeehouse chain Starbucks (Thailand) will start providing paper straws to customers on January 6 at all its stores nationwide.

According to Nednapa Srisamai, Managing Director of Starbucks (Coffee) Thailand, the coffee giant is targeting to eliminate plastic straws from all its stores within 2020.

“Preserving the environment is everyone’s responsibility. Therefore, Starbucks is proud to announce that we now provide an alternative to plastic straws to our customers in Thailand,” Nednapa said.

“To kick off the year of sustainability, we invite everyone to choose environment-friendly straws and use personal cups in order to reduce single-use plastics, and we’re happy to offer a Bt20 discounts every Wednesdays ‪through February 19, 2020‬ to customers who bring their own cups to purchase our beverages at all Starbucks stores nationwide,” she added.

The new paper straws, available in both standard and large sizes for beverages with jellies and various toppings, are biodegradable and made from responsibly-sourced paper certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), a Germany-based, non-profit organisation that promotes responsible management of the world’s forests, The Nation reported.

Additionally, Starbucks has suggested three simple everyday ways to go green while enjoying quality Starbucks coffees and preserving the environment:

1. Use personal cups – Not only does this help reduce single-use plastics, but it also saves you money because Starbucks offers 20-baht discounts to customers bringing their own cups to purchase our beverages every Wednesday ‪from today until February 19, 2020‬. On other days, a 10-baht discount is offered.

2. Choose paper straws – Opt for biodegradable paper straws or reusable straws that come in various colors.

3. Reduce plastic utensils – If you intend to enjoy your favorite desserts from Starbucks at home, at the office, or at schools where cutlery is available, please tell our baristas that you don’t need our takeaway utensils. Or simply dine in and enjoy our stores’ vibe and the aroma of freshly brewed coffees.

Source: The Nation

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