Close to 7,000 people from Wuhan visited Thailand this month

Almost 7,000 people from Wuhan visited Thailand this month

Chinese tourists accounted for almost 30 percent of all foreign visitors passing through Don Mueang Airport every day, according to high-level sources in the tourism industry.

In a report from The Nation, “statistics of foreign passengers traveling to Thailand via Don Mueang showed that of the nearly 24,000 people every day, Chinese tourists, on average, accounted for nearly 7,500 people.”

From January 3-24, there were 43 flights from Wuhan city which brought 6,982 people.

However, six flights of Thai AirAsia scheduled to fly to and from Wuhan city to Don Mueang and Phuket airports during January 23-28 have all been canceled, the report added.

Source: The Nation
Photo: TAT Newsroom

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