Caught On Cam: Chinese tourist urinates on floor of Airport Link train


A Chinese tourist on a moving Airport Link Train yesterday (June 11) was captured on camera urinating on the floor. 

According to a Thai Rath report, one passenger on the train bound for Suvarnabhumi airport yesterday evening, posted on social media the photo of the lady urinating on the floor.

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Phra Jitti Palasri, the monk wearing the orange robe seen in the photo on the Airport Link Train, revealed that the lady was with other Chinese tourists.

“There was a discussion between the group before they moved away as she urinated on the floor,” the monk said. “When she was done, she hastily got off the train at the next station.”

“I was really shocked. I sympathize with other passengers who got on and stepped on it without knowing that the water on the floor was urine,” the monk added.

The story was posted on Facebook and received much attention from users.

Sources: Thai Rath, Thai Visa

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