Cheap pillows stuffed with sanitary towels and Pampers


Sri Racha – Two siblings in Si Racha, Chonburi were shocked after discovering that the cheap pillows they had been using for two years were stuffed with disposable nappies and sanitary napkins.

When one of the pillows started to fray, Chalinee Changlao’s curiosity grew. She wanted to see what’s inside the pillow she’d been using for two years. When she drew the stuffing out, she and her brother Neramit were horrified to see cut sanitary towels and baby diapers. The other three pillows contained the same nasty things, too.

The four pillows were bought at a Sri Racha market for 50 baht each.

According to Neramit, his sister was upset because she didn’t know whether those nasty things were used before they were stuffed in the pillows.

Chalinee took to social media to warn people of her experience. “Avoid cheap products because you never know what you might get,” she said.

Sources: Thai Rath, Bangkok Post / Photo: Thai Rath

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