Cat lovers, beware! Toxoplasmosis can infect you


Cat lovers who like to give their cat a smooch and a cuddle may want to stop doing that to avoid the transfer of the parasite their feline friend is hosting.

The warning comes Narisa Ploikaew, a vet from Surat Thani, who said that toxoplasma gondi parasite causes toxoplasmosis, which can possibly cause blindness.

Having the moment to be too close to your cat can see the transfer of the parasite to humans.

The infection can cause fever, aches and pains and sore throat.

A quick search on Google suggests that people infected with toxoplasmosis are often unaware of having this disease, typical symptoms of toxo are flulike symptoms, including swollen lymph nodes and muscle aches and pains that last from a few days to several weeks.

Dr. Narisa suggests refraining from giving your feline friend a kiss.

Source: Daily News
Photo caption in English: Cat lovers, beware!

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