Camper sleeps in tent with a venomous cobra in Rayong


A man camping in Rayong province was lucky to be alive after finding out that he slept all night in his tent with a venomous cobra.

On Sunday, a man named Dacha, posted photos on Facebook on Sunday of a snake slithering out of the tent he disassembled at Dok Krai reservoir in Rayong.

Dacha captioned his post saying, “It’s almost gone. I guess I slept with it all night. I saw it while disassembling the tent this morning.”

Because the night was cold, the camper thought the snake wanted to keep itself warm. After his sound sleep, the cobra

The happy camper suspects that the cobra wanted to snuggle up to keep warm on a chilly winter’s night. After a restful night’s sleep, the snake slithered away when Dacha started taking down the tent.

Netizens commented that the snake was not just an ordinary snake but a highly venomous cobra. The snake bite, they said, was fatal to humans.

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