Cabby charges tourist 1,500 baht from Don Mueang to downtown Bangkok


On 17 June, Thailand Tourist Police Bureau posted on their Facebook page a complaint email from a tourist called Niels Huisman. The tourist claimed the fare given to him to go to downtown Bangkok was grossly overpriced.

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According to the tourist, he and his family took a taxi from Don Mueang Airport to travel to downtown Bangkok. The taxi driver didn’t turn on the meter and asked him to pay 1,500 baht.

When he refused to pay the exorbitant fare, the driver took him back to the airport, wasting 30 minutes of his time in the process.

The tourist sent the police a photo of the driver, card with the overpriced fare, tax disc, and car’s license plate.

The tourist police are now searching for the driver.

Source: Tourist Police

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