Buffalo broke through electronics store in Chiang Mai


A saleslady had a problem dealing with a very difficult customer who not only destroyed the display but didn’t even buy anything either.

On September 30, Tiktok user @thanya292524 posted CCTV footage of a buffalo barrelling through a Chiang Mai electronics store.

The 22-second-clip shows a buffalo that broke through the store’s glass doors and charged the unsuspecting saleslady.

After knocking her down, the buffalo seemed to resume whatever it was searching. The saleslady quickly took that opportunity to run for safety.

The clip garnered different reactions from netizens. One of them said: “The buffalo was rushing to reserve an iPhone 13 and was worried they wouldn’t be able to.”

When asked if she was ok, the saleslady replied saying she’s fine but she had some bruises throughout her body.

Fortunately, no one was seriously injured.

Source: The Smart Local Thailand

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