Brave Thai employee chases a snake but slips and falls down


A short clip of a brave Thai employee who slipped and fell down using a mop as she tried to ward off a snake that entered the office became viral on Thai social media.

The less than one-minute Tiktok video posted by @siripa_gift has been viewed over 2.2 million times. It shows a woman using a mop to ward off a snake that came into the building. But because of her high heels and the slippery floors, she slipped and fell.

Both the woman and the snake were shocked, fleeing in opposite directions.

A male Thai employee came to help and successfully drove the snake out of the office.

Netizens were divided in their comments. Some appreciated the courage of the young employee, some people apologized for laughing at the woman, while others were wondering as to what kind of liquid the said office was mopping with because it looks very slippery.

Source: Khaosod 

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