Black cat surprises owner with a snake in its mouth


A Thai hairdresser in Songkhla province received an unusual present from her cat. Instead of getting something that will put a smile on her face, her cat brought her a snake. 

On 14th November 2021, a black cat named Ma Ruay planned a surprise for his owner, who owns a hair salon in Songkhla.

While his owner was busy tending to one customer, another waiting customer saw Ma Ruay walking into the salon with a snake in its mouth.

The waiting customer started to make a noise which prompted everyone in the salon to turn and check out what she spotted.

All of them were shocked to see the snake and quickly moved to the side.

The owner threw something to Ma Ruay for him to go away. However, the black cat ran straight to his owner and dropped the snake on the floor.

The owner got her broom and successfully brushed the serpent out of the salon.

Source: The Smart Local Thailand | Wi Make Up

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