Biometrics system in Thailand detects over 45,000 overstaying foreigners


BANGKOK – Immigration chief Lt-Gen Sompong “Big Oud” Chingduang approved enthusiastically the new biometrics system in Thailand. The international standard system, he said, is making Thailand in the eyes of the world, good.

Thousands of arrests have been made because of the system. It also resulted in millions of baht fines which can help pay the system amounting to 2 billion baht.

Seven vinyl boards with the word “biometrics” written everywhere were presented during a press conference at the weekend.

Because of the biometrics system in Thailand, several foreigners have been arrested in the country who used it to travel to the UK to seek asylum and to South Korea looking for work, local news website Naew Na reported.

According to Lt-Gen Sompong, 17 million people so far had been checked by the system. They found 1,123 on blacklists and 45,669 overstaying in Thailand. This resulted in immigration coffers being swelled by 81 million baht in fines.

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Sources: Naew Na | Thaivisa

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