Benefits of Free ATM Promo of Krungsri Western Union (KWU)


You may be wondering why Krungsri Western Union (KWU) continues to give the free ATM promo. This is because KWU wants to help Filipinos have their own savings account as well as give users the convenience of sending money to their loved ones via Krungsri Western Union Channels — like online and ATM — anytime, anywhere.

Not only that. Every transaction one made with Krungsri Western Union earns him/her a point. By accumulating these points, users get to redeem amazing gifts and rewards at the end of each year.

Below are the requirements to open a savings account with Krungsri Bank:

Passport, 500 baht initial deposit and only 1 of the following:

  • Work permit
  • 1-year room rent contract with a duly signed copy of the national ID of the building/house owner
  • Certificate of Residence from the Philippine Embassy in Bangkok
  • Dependent Visa “NON-O” or diplomat visa “F” with certification from the house/building owner. Certification must be accompanied by the duly signed national ID of the house

How to start using Krungsri Western Union online?

Once you have opened the savings account with Krungsri Bank, follow the instructions below to be able to start using your Krungsri Western Union online:

1. Register on the link below and it will direct to the Krungsri Online Registration page

2. Choose “for cardholders, the Krungsri ATM Cards or Debit Cards” link and fill in data needed.

Free ATM Promo

3. After registration to the Krungsri Online (KOL) service has been completed, log-in with your username and password and click the Western Union button and register. Here’s a Youtube video tutorial which can be a great help for beginners:

Please contact tel. no. 02-296-2345 for further details and assistance. The call center agents are very helpful and will be happy to assist you.

Benefits of Free ATM Promo

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