BE CAREFUL! Scammers can use your bank account to scam others


A single mother in Buriram province fell for a scam and is now asking for help from related sectors after a popular Facebook page used her bank account to accept transfers of a product.

The Facebook page promotes herbal shampoo on their website and encourages Facebook users to share their posts so that they can receive a commision. In order to receive the reward for sharing the post, account users are asked to send in their bank account information.

During the first few transactions, according to a report from Thai Residents, the Facebook users received 200-300 baht as a commission. After a while, they started receiving bigger amounts at 4,000-5,000 baht.

The page then messaged them requesting to send the money back stating that this was a wrong transaction.

Not thinking of anything much of it, Pawini sent the money back to the bank account the page had indicated. About a month later when Pawini decided to load her sim, however, she found out that the bank froze her account. She contacted the bank and found out the Facebook page had used her bank account to scam others online.

Customers believed the page and transferred money into the account number the page stated but they never received the product.

There are five victims who came forward and filed police reports in Nakhon Sawan, Chonburi, Ratchaburi, Samut Prakan, and Samut Songkhram Province.

This resulted in Pawini not being able to use the bank account that is in her name.

Thai Residents reported that Pawini is struggling and is surviving by borrowing money from relatives to help pay off people who filed a report against her. The damages range from 2,000-6,000 THB per victim. When she explained what the truth behind each case was, the victims revealed they felt sorry for her situation but they were scammed also.

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