Baroque chalice with rich history to bless communion on Papal visit


BANGKOK — A baroque chalice made with delicate care over a century ago will be Pope Francis’ instrument in blessing the Eucharist in Bangkok next week.

The bishop who commissioned the baroque chalice wrought by a famed Parisian silversmith brought the treasure with him to Thailand, known back then as Siam, during the reign of Napoleon III in 8141.

For the first time in its history, the chalice will be used to serve its purpose on November 21 at the National Stadium when Pope Francis celebrates a huge open-air mass.

Aside from the chalice, two “Popemobiles” which will be used by the Pope was also unveiled yesterday at Assumption Cathedral.

In a report from Khaosod, “Puttipong Puttansri, an expert on Catholic Church history in Thailand, said the silver, gold-gilded grail was made by the same silversmith who supplied treasures to Emperor Napoleon III.”

Bishop Jean Baptiste Pallegoix, ordered made the religious item. He brought it with him to Bangkok when he was sent as the leader of Siam Orientale, or the Catholic Church’s apostolic mission in Siam.

While in Thailand as the about of Conception Church, Bishop Pallegoix became friends with a monk residing in a nearby monastery who would later become King Rama IV.

The baroque chalice has a decorative design of a pelican which symbolizes God’s sacrifice of his blood through his own son, Jesus – it is believed that pelicans feed their chicks with their own blood if it can’t find any food, the report added.

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