Bangokians to be rendered shadowless for a moment by the sun tomorrow


“Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see a shadow” is a saying that is attributed to Helen Keller. The sunshine represents the bright side of life, while the shadow means problems or negativities. This quote which aptly describes Keller’s philosophy, suggests that we should see things in a positive way.

On Friday however, that poetic dictum will be literal in Bangkok as the capital will be rendered shadowless by the sun.

The National Astronomical Research Institute of Thailand announced Wednesday night that at 12:22 pm tomorrow, the sun will be exactly perpendicular to Bangkok. For a brief moment, not a building, human or telephone pole will cast a shadow. To simply put it, everything will be shadowless.

In the astronomy terms, Bangkok will be at the subsolar point tomorrow. This means that if you are at this point, you will have the sun directly over your head.

This phenomenon happens in other parts of the world as the earth spins through the seasons. Other places in Thailand where the subsolar will hit as mapped by the National Astronomical Research Institute include Pattaya on August 19 at 12:20 pm; Phuket on September 2 at 12:27 pm; and Songkhla on September 4 at 12:77 pm.

Photo: NARIT FB page

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