Bangkokians won’t experience cold weather this cold season


It seems that Bangkokian’s desire to wear their cold weather attire won’t last long or, perhaps, won’t be happening due to mercury not dropping any further in the next one month or so.

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According to Hydro and Agro Informatics Institute of the Ministry of Science and Technology, a couple of days of cool breeze is the best they can hope for. El Nino, it said, is affecting many countries including Thailand.

A moderate cold front from China is expected to bring some cool breeze to provinces in the north and northeast. Unfortunately, the high pressure is not strong enough to reach the central region and Bangkok.

Also, there might not be another cold front strong enough to bring cool breeze to the central plains throughout the rest of the month after November 19.

Northern and northeastern provinces, fortunately, will experience cold weather. The weather will be cool on the flat land and cold on mountain tops, but it will not be as cold as it was during the past two years, Thai PBS World reported.

Source: Thai PBS World

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