Bangkok school closes for 10 days due to influenza virus


BANGKOK — Classes at Ramkhamhaeng University Demonstration School (Primary Level) will be canceled for 10 days after the influenza virus (Type A) infected several students.

According to the school’s announcement, the primary department will be closed for 10 days from January 30 to February 10 due to several students suffering from the type A influenza virus, as well as to contain its spread.

The school will resume regular classes on February 11, 2020, but grade 6 (prathom 6) will come to take the Ordinary National Educational Test (O-NET) on Saturday, February 1, 2020.

A school in Ubon Ratchatani was also closed for two days (Jan 28-29) after some 200 students got sick with influenza.

Photo: @pan_wps

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