Bangkok pollution crisis: Now city resident sneezes up blood!


A man posted on Facebook narrating that his health problems may have been caused by the Bangkok pollution covering the capital.

In a report from Manager, Nuttawut Sirichainarumit took medication after suffering from what he initially thought was a regular fever.

However, a day later after he went out, blood came out after sneezing. He issued warnings to his fellow Bangkokians to wear masks and to take care of themselves.

He wasn’t sure if the air quality was to blame but it sure seemed likely.

Sources: Manager, Thaivisa

Note: This is a developing story. Pinoy Legacy is trying to reach out to the man who posted the photo to better understand his condition. The purpose of this article remains that is to spread caution to all Pinoys based in Bangkok to be wary of the ongoing situation.

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John Benliro