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Bangkok Flood Update – 14 places to avoid when the downpour starts.

Flooding in Bangkok is inevitable with more rain expected every day now that the rainy season started. During this time some roads in Bangkok can be underwater in an instant and vehicles movement may seem paralyzed, especially during rush hour just like what happened last Friday.

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And to give everyone a heads up, city officials released yesterday the 14 roads that easily get flooded.

According to Deputy Bangkok Governor Chakkaphan Phewngam, the areas of Chaeng Watthana Road in the north, Suan Phlu Road just off Sathorn and Sri Ayutthaya Road near Din Daeng, can be flooded with 60 millimeters or less of rain.

The map below which can be imported into GPS apps such as Google Maps shows the area to avoid Bangkok flood.

Photo: Viral Press Video (Screenshot)

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