Baggage handler arrested after stealing money from tourist’s luggage


BANGKOK – Authorities arrested a baggage handler at Suvarnabhumi Airport after stealing money from tourist’s luggage.

Before putting the Thai holiday money in a wallet and then to her checked baggage for her Thailand adventure, a South Korean tourist first took a photo of it.

Everything seemed to be fine until Lee Soyeong discovered upon arrival at 10:10 am from Incheon on Friday, that her Thai holiday money amounting to 20,000 baht was missing.

The Korean woman filed a complaint with the tourist police who got in touch with the airport authorities. They interviewed all airport baggage handlers who were on duty and involved in the tourist’s flight.

Four 1,000 baht notes were found in Mr. Phairin’s personal locker. When authorities checked the banknotes, one of the notes serial number corresponded to the top note on tourist’s photo saved on her phone, Sanook reported.

The 30-year-old baggage handler was charged with theft.

What happened with the rest of the money amounting to 16,000 baht was not reported.

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Source: Sanook

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