Army of baby cobras invade a house in Songkhla


A family in Songkhla’s Hat Yai district was forced to retreat at a relative’s house after an army of baby cobras invaded their home.

On May 21, 43-year-old Eraman Mama said the first baby cobra was seen emerging from a hole in the cement floor at his rented one-storey house.

As days passed, more baby snakes just kept coming out of the hole.

The whole family is scared, adding that the venomous snakes were found curled up in the children’s school shoes, under pillows and blankets, piles of clothes and in a wardrobe.

Eraman said that after spraying pesticide in all corners of the house, many baby snakes emerged. That night, another one was found which bring the total number to 14.

Despite living with the cobras for a month, luckily, none had been bitten.

The family believes more baby cobras are still nesting under the floor.

Sources: Bangkok Post | Khaosod

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