Hotel Review: Amari Don Muang Airport Hotel


When looking for a place to stay after a long trip or making sure you won’t be late for your earliest flight the next day, nothing beats a hotel in close proximity to the airport. That is when Amari Don Muang Airport Hotel comes into picture.

Regarded as one of the best airport hotels in the world, Amari Don Muang Airport Hotel is an ideal stopover accommodation for those departing Bangkok early in the morning or arriving late at night. It is located adjacent to the airport yet travelers don’t need to hire a taxi or brave the traffic in crossing the street as the hotel is connected to Don Muang International Airport (DMK) by an air-conditioned skybridge.

Checking in

I had the privilege of staying for a night at Amari Don Muang Airport Hotel last week. Thanks to former ASEAN secretary-general Dr. Surin Pitsuwan who made the arrangement for my accommodation. There are other hotels nearby, but he placed me at Amari Don Muang Airport Hotel to perhaps make sure that I won’t miss our flight to Nakon Si Thammarat the next day. On a serious note, I’m glad Dr. Surin chose this hotel because it was “convenience” like no other. It takes more or less a five-minute walk from domestic terminal to the hotel.

The skybridge connects to the 2nd floor of the hotel, just above the reception desk area. When I entered the lobby I was greeted by a friendly and efficient receptionist. I then took the liberty of feasting my eyes at the intricate designs of the hotel’s lobby. It was outdated but elegant, nonetheless. Did I also say the receptionists move fast? I was on my way to my room in no time holding my key card. Please be reminded that a deposit of a thousand baht for room card upon arrival will be requested, but don’t worry as it will be handed back to you when you check out.


I didn’t notice security cameras, but I’m pretty sure they have them installed somewhere. They have real people as well manning the entrance and the elevator which, by the way, are really friendly. The key card which the check in clerk handed over to you is needed to activate the elevator. I’m not sure though if it only let’s you get to your own floor, which means pressing other floors won’t work. But I hope it works that way so as to avoid strangers roaming on wrong floors.

The Room

My room was huge and beautiful and the bed was immensely comfortable. I was booked for a single room with one bed, of course, but they put me in a twin room with two smaller beds pushed together. I didn’t complain because it was just for a night stay anyway. As I’ve said earlier, the bed was extremely comfy. But if that happens to you just pick which side you prefer unless you want to be in the gap.

The toilet and bath is a bit small but well-kept and clean. It has the needed toiletries such as shampoo, body wash, lotion, clean baht towels, etc..

WiFi Internet Connection

The WiFi connection is something the hotel needs to update the most. Surfing Facebook was fine but watching Youtube videos was a little pain. I ended up using my own Dtac WiFi.

Food and beverages

My reservation didn’t include breakfast since my flight the next day was the earliest. But judging from other reviews I found online, they have pricey breakfast but very nice to say the least. That’s what you pay for convenience, I guess. I’d like to try their food next time. I’m sure there will be a next time since I really enjoyed my stay.

Final thoughts

In the scale of 1-10 with 10 being the highest I would rate Amari Don Muang Airport Hotel a 9. It gives an unbeatable convenience to travelers. Rooms are big and beds are comfortable. It also gives easy access to Bangkok’s central business districts and shopping areas. Highly recommended if you are to ask me.

Amarai Don Muang Airport Hotel
Address: 333 Chert Wudthakas Road, Don Muang, Bangkok 10210
Tel: +66 (0) 2566 1020   Fax: +66 (0) 2566 1941
Website: Amari Don Muang Airport Hotel
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