Airlines to impliment health safety measures before and during flight


The Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand (CAAT) has discussed with more than 20 airlines compulsory health safety measures which must be adopted when most domestic flights resume on May 1.

CAAT director-general, Chula Sukmanop, said this week that while airlines have the right to return to the skies, they must operate these flights differently.

On Thursday, he said airlines must implement stringent public health safety measures both before and during flights.

They included designating empty seats in each row to keep passengers a fair distance from one another, while no food or drink is to be served during flights either.

On flights of 90 minutes or longer, the whole row at the back of an aircraft must be left vacant and reserved for passengers who display flu-like symptoms.

Passengers must bring their own face masks to wear on an aircraft but are barred from bringing their own food to eat on board.

Cabin crew must also wear face masks, gloves and a face shield for the duration of a flight.

On the ground, social distancing must be practised at check-in as well, Mr Chula said.

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