Air quality in and around Bangkok improves | The Pinoy Legacy


According to the Pollution Control Department, the air quality in Bangkok and its adjacent provinces are at the safe level today. The department also said that the atmosphere will improve further tomorrow, thanks to different organizations joining hand in hand in combatting the smog that continues to plague the capital for months.

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In a report from Thai PBS World, smog in several northern provinces has also eased today, with excessive levels of PM2.5 dust measured only in Mae Moh district of Lampang, Muang district of Lamphun, Tambon Nachak in Muang district of Phrae province, Tambon Phra Baat in Muang district of Lampang province, Tambon Wiang in Muang district of Nan province and Tambon Ban Dong in Mae Moh district of Lampang province.

The smog in Chiang Mai has also reduced considerably. Officials in the said northern province continue to spray water into the air from high-rise buildings. But many students were seen wearing face masks for protection.

Source: Thai PBS World

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