AFT-Khon Khaen to join Songkran festivities (Thai New Year) ‘Pinoy’ style


KHON KHAEN: Two days before the start of the Thai New Year celebration, Filipinos in Khon Khaen province are gearing up to join the festivities with a touch of ‘Pinoy’ style.

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Dubbed as Pinoy Songkran Basaan 2017, the AFT-Khon Kaen will hold its Pinoy version of Songkran in Baan Suan Siriporn Resort Friday, April 14 in an effort to unify and develop the camaraderie of the Filipino community in the province.

“This is our way to celebrate Songkran – the Filipino way,” Mr. Marlon Sipe, current president of AFT-Khon Kaen, said. “We are going to party like we Filipinos do – lot’s of food, drinks, singing and of course, water guns,” he added.

Known as the traditional Thai New Year, Songkran festival is celebrated all throughout the kingdom from the 13th of April until the 15th and is one of the most visited festivals in the country. Thailand Tourism Authority (TAT) estimated around 47,000 foreign tourists  to flock Thailand while 2.47 million local tourists will travel around the country to celebrate Songkran.

Meanwhile, AFT-Khon Kaen welcomes Filipinos who might be interested to join them in their Pinoy style Thai New Year celebration.

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