Activists gather outside Philippine Embassy in Bangkok, call for end of “War on Drugs” in the Philippines


BANGKOK, Thailand – A group of Thai activists had gathered outside the Philippine Embassy in Bangkok on Monday, April 24, demanding an end to the to the “War on Drugs” in the Philippines.

In the gathering, the activists of Amnesty International (AI) Thailand distributed mangoes to participants, observers and police saying “the fruit represented harmony and friendship between Thailand and the Philippines. The group said they wished to send a friendly message that their calls to end the “War on Drugs” are in the best interest of the people in both countries and the region.

Speaking to The Nation, Amnesty International said their concerns were based on their report published on January 31 that said “If you are poor, you are killed: Extrajudicial executions in the Philippines ‘War on Drugs’.

Piyanut Kotsan, director of Amnesty International Thailand, said “majority of the killings that we investigated appear to have been unlawful extrajudicial executions which were carried out by government order or with its complicity and acquiescence.”

The group also called the Philippine government to conduct prompt, impartial and effective investigations into all drug related killings allegedly carried out by law enforcement officials.

A photo of President Rodrigo Duterte with a slogan, #StoptheKillings appears in the group’s Facebook as its profile photo.

Source: The Nation /    Photo: Amnesty International Facebook

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