9 huge king cobras in Chantaburi captured in one night


Local people from 5 districts in Chantaburi province informed the Mueang Chan Snake Protection Volunteer Team at the same time about king cobras creeping into many houses.

According to a Khaosod report dated March 20, two king cobras slithered into a house in Song Phi Nong Subdistrict, Tha Mai District. Upon inspection, the snake catchers found the serpents slithering under a pile of wood.

Without delay, one of the experts grabbed the snake’s tail with his bare hands while the other successfully caught its head.

The first king cobra was revealed to be a male, approximately 4 meters long — while the second one was a female cobra, measuring about 3 meters long.

Another king cobra was captured as it was climbing up the roof of an old wooden house in Khao Kaeo Subdistrict, Tha Mai District. The snake was found to be a female cobra, about 3 meters long, and in the reproductive age.

The snake catchers revealed they have caught a total of 9 king cobras from Makham District, Mueang District, Khao Khitchakut District, Tha Mai District, and Kaeng Hang Maeo District in one night.

“We will let the snakes to recuperate first before releasing them back to nature, away from local communities,” they said.

Source: Khaosod

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