700 Club Asia nominates Thailand-based Pinoy teacher for “Huwarang OFW 2019”


The 700 Club Asia nominated Thailand-based Pinoy teacher, book author, and Pinoy Legacy co-founder as Huwarang OFW 2019.

Jun Amparo has landed a Huwarang OFW 2019 nomination from the 700 Club Asia, a CBN Asia’s flagship program that features true-to-life- stories of people radically changed by Christ’s transforming love.

The video shows how difficult life was especially when Jun’s dad passed away. Their family had to ask neighbors for rice (isang gatang) for them to have something to cook for. While in college, Jun worked as a dishwasher to support his studies.

It was life’s difficult experiences that made Amparo and his family closer to God. He also met his wife Marge.

His life changed when he and Marge moved to Thailand. The things he thought he won’t be able to afford were now at hand – buying gadgets, appliances, a car, and many more.

Jun became a financial literacy speaker in different gatherings of Filipinos in Thailand and authored two books: OFW Money is Gone, a book dedicated for OFWs on how to manage their finances; as well as The NECKTIE Approach: Understanding the Husband’s Role and Attitude as the Key to a Happy Marriage.”

But something happened that changed his ways.

Watch the video below.

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