7 Healthy Signs You’re Raising A Responsible, Happy Child


Who doesn’t want to be an awesome mom or dad? I’m a father of two children and I believe raising a responsible child, happy child is one of the foremost obligations of every parent.

Nothing is more fulfilling than seeing your children being successful and having the ability to cope with challenges and adversities in life.

However, developing an effective parenting skills is one of the greatest challenges in the world, which requires wisdom and sacrifice. Your patience might be tested especially because children today can act  pampered or selfish. Are there some healthy signs to ensure that your kids are becoming  more disciplined and responsible adults in the future?

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The answer is “Yes!” Let me share with you the seven healthy signs that indicate you’re raising a responsible, happy child.

1. They do household tasks without being told

Much time has been wasted as children spend more time watching TV and playing gadgets. When full attention is glued onto a screen, the responsibility to listen to instruction and obey the parent diminishes as they are preoccupied with something else.

Every child needs constant reminders—from doing their homework, to washing the dishes, to cleaning up the toilet, etc. A good sign that your child is on the right track is that they have the initiative or the intrinsic drive to do the household chores and routines. It means he or she will do the tasks without being told several times.

2. Your child understands they cannot always get what they want

One thing that I have always admired most about children is that they are very persistent. For instance, when they ask you to buy an ice cream or toys in the mall, they will never stop until they get what they want. To them giving up not is an option.

However, one reality of life is that one cannot always get what they want—especially if you have limited resources. One good sign your child is responsible enough is they understand there are certain limitations when it comes to making requests. This is one of the critical tasks of parenthood—to make sure he or she understands that it may take some amount of time before they get what they want.

3. They are not  afraid to make mistakes

The best way to overcome fear of failure is giving your child a room to explore and allow him to make mistakes. While it’s painful to see your child making errors, it’s a perfect opportunity to teach children how to handle frustrations and unpleasant emotions, such as anger or sadness.

Children understand that humans sometimes mess up. But with support and guidance from his parents, they learn to be more resilient.  When the habit of not giving up is being developed, they will never afraid to make mistakes and learn to be more independent.

4. Your child doesn’t need threats or rewards  

Getting children to cooperate can be a difficult job for parents. Most kids obey their parents when they are using a threat or reward approach.

However, a healthy sign your child is being more responsible is that they choose to listen even without chocolates, lollipops, or sticker charts . They understand family expectations and rules that are not too harsh nor too lenient.

5. He or she knows his limitations and avoids comparing themselves with others 

Kids are smart enough to figure out what they are capable of and know their limitations. Comparing your kid with others can be detrimental and may damage their self-esteem. In fact, it’s the worst thing you could ever do as parent.

Though sometimes they may be tempted to compare their grades with classmates, or maybe questioning why they’re not as athletic as their friends, they begin to realize that they have their own unique skills and talents.

6. They anticipate consequences of their actions  

A wise kid anticipates what might be the result of their either positive or negative behavior. Well defined and agreed consequences would make it clear to a child regarding what is okay and not allowed.  Take for instance, he or she needs to wash the dishes as scheduled, do their homework regularly,  and feed the dog so they wouldn’t suffer undesirable consequences.

The more you enforce the rules, the more likely they are to clean up without being asked—or at least without whining about it too much.

7. He or she is a God-fearing child

Needless to say, a God-fearing child is the result of having God-fearing parent. Parents who become good role models will be an inspiration for children to thrive and do his best, such as reading the Scripture, praying before going to bed, and willing to use his or her God-given talent in the church.

Consequently, they are delighted to obey their parents and they believe that honoring them is simply a means to glorify God.


Bear in mind that children are not perfect and they make mistakes occasionally. Needless to say, these healthy signs are just a clear reflection of your parenting style. I must commend you if you’ve seen already any of these healthy signs to your child. If not, you have to remember that character is caught, not just taught.

As a responsible parent, your ultimate goal is to model the behaviors and values you would like to see in your children, including being God-fearing, loving, patient and productive.

Train up a child in the way he should do, and when he is old, he will not depart from it. –Proverbs 22:6

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Jun Amparo

Jun Amparo

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