5 Reasons Why You Should Present Research Paper at the Conference


One of my educational philosophies is to never stop learning. As a teacher and OFW, we cannot afford to remain stagnant in our field of profession. Whenever there is an opportunity for professional development, I ensure that I participate and take advantage in order to gain knowledge and increase learning experience. One of these events is doing research and presenting your research paper in the academic conference.

However, presenting your research work in the conference can be a rigorous task and an intimidating experience if you do not understand the purpose and value of presenting a paper at the conference. Let me share with you the five reasons why you should present your research work.

1. Great chance to publish your research work

It’s a great accomplishment to publish your work in a research journal. Your work would not be much fruitful and beneficial to readers unless you share them and get them published. Doing so would help yourself to build your academic reputation as a researcher which is an important aspect in your career field.

2. Enhance your academic professional experience

Presenting a research paper offers a great advantage especially that we live in a high level of competition in the job market. Aside from being looking good in your resume or CV, presenting your paper will give you opportunity to learn from others.

3. Opportunity to build great connections

Aside from having a professional experience, presenting your paper can provide great opportunity to share your knowledge and expertise with other professionals who have similar areas of interest in research, get to know other scholars, and to be known in academic circles. Remember, networking sphere shrinks when you decide to remain stagnant in your field or career.

4. Enhance your research skills

One of the many advantages of presenting your research work in the conference is improving your research skills. Obviously, conference gathering is a great tool to figure out the latest trend in research. Aside from publicity, you will master your field of research or discipline, learn new skills and ideas in research, increase the quality of your paper and eventually gain confidence.

5. Opportunity to get feedback

 Conferences are extremely beneficial in getting personal interaction with other presenters, thus provide you feedback about your research. Also, you get to talk to people about your own research and get their views about it. The inputs and feedback of the panelist are extremely important for future collaboration about the latest or evidence-based approach regarding the current issues in research.

On 13th-17th of December 2018, the 1st International Conference on Contemporary Education will be held at Amari Watergate Hotel.  Dr. Richard Watson Todd of King Mongkut University of Technology Thonburi will be the keynote speaker. If you are keen of presenting your research paper, please contact Dr. Lawrence Honkiss at lawrence@strobertsgroup.com to submit your abstract.

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Jun Amparo

Jun Amparo

JUN AMPARO is the author of two inspirational books about personal finance and marriage.  He is nominated as Huwarang OFW 2019 organized by The 700 Club Asia and is pursuing his doctoral study in education. Presently, he is working as a university counselor and lecturer at Asia-Pacific International University in Thailand.