5 Personality Traits OFWs Should Possess to Become Successful and Happier


In the world of Psychology, personality traits are sets of actions, attitudes, and behaviors exhibited by an individual.  They are determined by many factors using a battery of personality tests. Believe it or not, your personality is set by no one but you. The totality of your actions and decisions make up who you are. If people don’t like you, it is obvious that you are carrying negative personality traits. Conversely, if you want to be happier, then you should posses, or at least learn to adopt certain traits. This goes on with other life goals such as being successful in life.

The life of an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) demands a huge paradigm shift in his personality trait. Generally considered to be the bread winner of the family, the hard worker, and the hard earner, the OFW is seen to face a lot of challenges. He needs to be physically, emotionally, and spiritually strong because someone back home is financially depending on him. He needs to learn how to adopt and adapt. To help him further, the OFW should learn these 5 personality traits so he can become happier and more successful in life.

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1. Be Open

According to research, people with high openness are said to self-actualize more. Openness refers to being intellectually curious and imaginative. Are you willing to explore something new with your career? If you have not done a specific job description before and your work demands you to do it, are you willing to learn?  Explore the world.  Be adventurous. There is no harm in doing it.

2. Have Self-Discipline

Learn how to set targets and stick to them. If 40% of your monthly salary goes to the Philippines for your family’s expenses, never be attempted to book a flight to Maldives just because the airline fare went on sale. Do not be lazy. Your drive and determination will keep you going no matter what. Believe me.

3. Live Within your Means

Why do some people have difficulty with this one? If you cannot yet afford that dream vacation in Japan, why are you borrowing money and eventually borrow some more money to pay for your first loan? End result? You are in great debt. Sometimes, it’s nice to have credit cards but you must be responsible with how you spend them. Just like with the second item, if you have self-discipline, then it is easy for you to live within your means.

4. Be Kind

Every people you meet in your life is just like you. Every OFW you encounter experiences the same way as you do. Never brag about your educational accomplishments, your bank accounts, your Mediterranean cruise, etc. etc. If you have your story, others too have their own. Be humble. Be helpful. Compassion and understanding mean you relate well with others. You gain more friends. You become happier.

5. Have a Positive Outlook

How will you react if there are sudden changes in your work schedule and you are not initially informed? How will you deal with a psychopath boss? Or a jealous workmate who does not want you to be promoted? These can be very stressing but having a general positive outlook towards these scenarios can help you with your day to day battles. How? Be calm and free yourself from persistent negative feelings. Breath. Think of the situation as a learning process. Celebrate your achievements and count on your blessings. At the end of the day, your positive stress coping strategies will help you survive and look forward to another day with a smile.

Learning these five personality traits entail much time. Wherever you may be around the world, employing these skills allow you to become the best person you can be, much better than yesterday.

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