5 Myths about the Teaching Profession You Should Definitely Ignore


Teaching profession myths you should ignore

So… you are a teacher. You must be so fortunate reading this garbage despite your busy schedule.  You probably might have to work on weekends and holidays and inserting leisure time in between is a challenge for you. In extreme cases, you might think that you are stuck in your own world. Sounds like a teacher’s life? WRONG!

Some people have given teachers stereotypes to provide a simpler and more natural description angled from outside the teaching world. Some labels might be true but a few are plain myths. Let’s examine these 5 myths people use to describe teachers and the teaching profession.

Myth #1: Teachers Remain Single When They Get Old

Single because they don’t have time to mingle around and meet people. This is not so true! Just like any profession, teaching is five days per week, 8-9 hours a day job. Beyond that, they have their own personal lives. Being single is a matter of personal choice and not factored by what your profession is. For your information, there are also some soldiers, policemen, nurses, doctors, engineers, accountants, financial analysts, physical therapists, and media personnel who tend to continue being unmarried.

Myth #2: They Know Nothing but to Teach

Excuse me? I have witnessed a college professor who is into ramp modeling. There are few educators out there who venture into the business world. Of course, we know how to teach because we learned how to teach, just as a doctor knows how treat the sick because he learned how to do it. My point is, teaching is not only limited to the life of a teacher. There are also other God-given and self-driven skills and tasks that a teacher can possess.

Myth #3: Teaching is the Easiest Job in the World

Whoever said this must apologize to his teachers from primary school to college. In my experience as an educator, the classroom is likened to a forest filled with dinosaurs. It is my responsibility to feed them without them swallowing me up. I am accountable in making that “forest” at peace and avoiding chaos among these “dinosaurs.” Each “dinosaur” is different. Some prefer this, others prefer that.  I am pretty sure other teachers can relate with me. So don’t tell me teaching is an easy job. Otherwise, I will pull you into that “forest” with “dinosaurs” and observe how you handle the situation.

Myth #4: Teaching is a Very Boring Job

Each day is different. There are over 20 students a teacher has to manage. Each student is different. Each student learns differently. Tell me what is boring about that.

Myth #5: Male Teachers are … Not Really Males

Because the 100% male species are into “manly” professions. Hmmm. Let’s see. This is still a myth. There are male teachers out there who draw attention because of their “uniqueness” in the realm of education. There are the authentic male teachers and the not-so-authentic ones.  It is actually pretty interesting to see guys who are teaching and understand the reason behind it. Talk about 50 shades of teaching.

So next time someone tells you one of these 5 teaching profession myths, be calm and explain your side of the coin in a polite manner. What matters most is you are happy with your job no matter what people might say.

‘Till next time!

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Calvin Clark Dolo