4-year-old girl bitten by snake in Bangkok condo toilet


BANGKOK — A snake lurking in the toilet bit a 4-year-old girl in their Bangkok condominium.

Facebook user Audy Punnada Leung-Aram narrated what happened at her daughter on August 1.

She said that about 5 am, she took her daughter to the toilet and placed her on the seat. The horrifying incident transpired as she was lifting her off. A snake showed itself out of the bowl and bit her daughter’s bottom before disappearing back to where it was hiding.

Her husband ran to the toilet after her loud scream and tried to suck the venom from the child’s wound.

The parents then rushed the child to hospital, where doctors confirmed there was no venom in the wound. However, the incident left the girl traumatised and in fear of going to the toilet.

Source: The Nation

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