2-year-old boy bitten by snake in bed


Mr. Surapin recounted that he and his wife initially thought a cat bit their two-year-old son. However, what actually bit the little boy was a snake they found on their bed.

According to him, his son was crying and became fussy one night. The boy who was lying on the bed that time told his parents that his head hurts.

When the father touched the boy’s head, he felt something sticky. The father used a flashlight and saw blood on his child’s head. After turning on the light, the father and mother were shocked to find a big brown snake.

He took his child outside and noticed that the boy’s mouth started to go pale. His son was also vomiting.

Relatives informed the snake catchers of the incident, and Mr. Surapin took his son to the hospital for treatment. The snake was later caught and was identified as a brown spitting cobra.

Fortunately, the boy started showing improvement. He has recovered and is now back to a being as cheerful as before.

Mr. Surapin warned parents to always check the room before going to bed. Don’t leave any doors or windows open during this rainy season as poisonous animals tend to seek shelter from the rain and may enter the house.

One of the rescuers also left a warning to people with a single-story house that they should always check their surroundings, adding that holes in the house should be sealed to prevent snakes or other poisonous animals from entering.

Source: Khaosod

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