15 Business Ideas with Low to Average Capital for Overseas Filipino Workers


15 Business Ideas for Overseas Filipino Workers

Working overseas is not a lifetime endeavor. At some point in life, the OFW needs to go back home and settle down for the better. Owning a business is a good way for an OFW to invest his hard-earned money at the same time applying his knowledge, skills, and interests he has acquired over time.

While an OFW is still strong and able, he must cautiously think about his future particularly when he returns to the Philippines for good. Thinking of a perfect business idea entails careful planning and in-depth research. Listed below are various business ideas ranging from low to above average starting capital.

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1. Laundry Shop

A growing number of laundry businesses has spiked for the past few years. As people become busier with work, they have lesser time to wash clothes, linens, curtains, and carpets. Invest in good quality washing machines. Self-service and automatic washing machines are also in-demand in most cities and urban areas.

2. Water Refilling

Water is a basic human need. People use it every day. Why not make a business out of it? Water refilling stations have mushroomed in cities where there is limited water supply. There is also a demand of clean purified water in some areas where the quality of tap water is questionable.

3. Travel and Tours

As more millennials now are into “YOLO” and “#travelgoals,” organizing a travel and tours agency is a brilliant idea to attract travel enthusiasts. Developing budget-friendly travel packages invites people to your business. You can also volunteer your time to be a tour guide. You are not just working. You are traveling and enjoying at the same time!

4. Arts and Crafts

Is making personalized notebooks, tissue holders, and other novelty items your hobby? Why not turn it into a profitable career! Who would have thought that being crafty and creative can get you some cash?

5. Photocopying and Printing Center

Setting up this kind of business near schools is a total winner! You can also add some services such as laminating, tarpaulin printing, and book binding to invite more customers and enjoy more profit.

6. Sari-Sari store

Does your community lack 7-11, Family Mart, and other convenience stores? Here is your chance! Opening a sari-sari store is a great business strategy. It is much better if your sari-sari store is open 24-7.

7. Blogging

If you are good at writing, then blogging is definitely for you. Setting up a website and blogging about anything and everything can actually make money.

8. Food

Food…will keep us alive! From a simple food kiosk to catering business, engaging into food business is an interesting option. If you have been exposed to other countries’ cuisine, why not try to incorporate it in your menu when you return home?

9. Cellphone Retail and Loading Station

It is a fact that cellphones keep updating through time. Having a cellphone business invites gadget addicts. You can also venture into cellphone repair, parts, and accessories to boost up your business.

10. Online Selling

Applying your effective selling skills allows you to sell everything to anyone. This is convenient to customers who don’t have much time to shop around. Selling anything such as clothes, furniture, household items, jewelry, and pre-loved items is an easy task if you love what you are doing.

11. Transient and Boarding House

What if you could develop your homes into transient and boarding houses while you are working abroad? Having a passive income while you are working boosts your financial resources.

12. Flower Shop

Do you love flowers? Then this might be a suitable business for you. The demand for flowers steadily rise during special occasions and remain to be in-demand on regular days.

13. Poultry and Livestock

If you are thinking of settling down in the province, then raising chickens, pigs, and cows might be a good option. Having your own poultry and livestock business can be an ingenious idea for a hardworking OFW.

14. Beauty Salon and Barber Shop

Do you have a keen talent in making others look their best? Now you can invest your savings and set up a beauty salon or a barber shop. You can also expand and offer other services like spa, massage, waxing, and even manicure and pedicure.

15. Taxi Business and Van Rental

Operating a taxi is also a good alternative business proposal. A second-hand car and a skilled driver are all you need to keep this business running. Why not give it a try if you are interested with this kind of idea?

Taking risks are common in engaging into business. Planning, research, hard work, patience, and determination are key factors in keeping it successful. Understanding the world of business enables you to explore other avenues for growth and success. Good luck and God bless!

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