10 life insights that helped me in my journey to adulthood


The past three years of living alone had been a concoction of some of the best and worst experiences I could ever imagine. It sure wasn’t easy, but it was definitely life-changing. I have learned that It is not who we have become that brings forth wisdom, but it is wisdom that we derive from the journey towards who we will become. Whilst our experiences vary; so is our quality of wisdom. Here are 10 life insights that helped me navigate through my life journey on adulthood.

1. You don’t always have to wait for the right timing. Sometimes, you have to decide for it. We always buy the idea that everything has its timing and will eventually fall into place. Really, there’s nothing wrong with it. This sure teaches us the virtue of patience and faith. However, there are certain things you have to decide on. And that’s your timing. It pays to wait, but actions yield results.

2. The easiest way isn’t always the right way. You have to be willing to accept the truth that the right way isn’t always the easiest, and the easiest way isn’t always right. You may have to get your hands dirty at some point. Most things which are easy, are most of the time not worth it.

3. Plan your life, but be braced for a detour. Preparation is the key as what the cliché goes. However, if there is one thing you can’t fully be prepared for, that is life. Its arbitrariness is absolute. Sometimes, the life we dreamed of isn’t the direct result of how we planned, but how the unplanned turned out. So, you might just not end up where you really aimed to be. At least, you’re not where you used to be.

4. If you choose what you always chose, then you’ll get what you always got. While we strive for consistency and continuity, we should also need to step up our game. If we complain about getting the same ends, at least look if we have been doing the same means .

5. The odds aren’t always in your favour. Luck is a three-quarters myth. Your luck in getting yourself into trouble is so much greater than winning the lotto. I don’t mean to sound pessimistic, but at least know that the universe won’t always conspire to our advantage.

5. Real friends are few, but they are always there. When life is tough, friends are few. But they are always going to be there for you. Yes, real friends are few. But if you have many friends, at least make sure you know the real ones.

7. The worst regret you would ever have is the best chance you have never taken. The only things worth regretting for are the chances we felt could have been worth it but haven’t taken. Chances entail uncertain risks. But they sure entail our greatest fortunes too. We will never know what we could have had if we never tried. Life is like bungee jumping off a cliff. Be afraid, but still jump anyway.

8. You attract what you fear. Our minds hold the strongest power that influences our actions. Be wary of what you put your mind into. Trust me, fear should not be one. If you frame your mind with tormenting thoughts, most likely, you’ll live a tormenting life. Be happy. Think of happy things. After all, like attracts like.

9. A broken bone does not mean a broken life. Sometimes, the greatest life lesson can be as good as a fractured bone. It reminds us that if something is already broken, it’s never going to go back to how it was before. However, just because something is broken, doesn’t mean everything else is and will be. A broken bone is never tantamount to a broken life.

10. Death is always around the corner. If there is one thing I learned the hard way with this whole life journey, it would be living the most out of my life. In life, there are no replays. You could literally die in a split second. And death is not going to care if you’re prepared for him or not. We should live and thrive, not just live to thrive. Life with gold is never better than life with regrets.

For the most part, there is beauty in madness and there is joy in pain. It is up to us which of which we want more in our lives. What we face in life does not really matter, but how we respond to it. We should be the ones to shape our lives, not let our life shape us. So savour the bliss and endure the agonies. Take the good and learn from the bad.

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Eljay Dee