Stunning sunflower fields in full bloom awaits tourists in Lopburi

There are literally thousands of acres filled with sunflowers in rural Thailand, and people celebrate sunflower festivals between November and February where the sunflower fields are in full bloom. During these times, sunflower field operators offer free visits to their stunning, never-ending fields of sunflowers, hoping that tourists will buy foods, drinks, souvenirs, or ride their ponies and tractors.

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Sunflower Fields
Photo: Aznul Nizam FB

One of the provinces in the north that is now compelling revelers and flower enthusiasts to visit its full bloom sunflower fields, is Lopburi. Just a few hours north of Bangkok, one can enjoy the beautiful sunflowers that stretch as far as the eye can see, which will be in full bloom until about January 19.

Sunflower Fields

Lopburi is home to the biggest sunflower fields in the kingdom. In Phatthana Nikhom, a district east of the province’s capital, lies the largest field. However, the fields in Khao Chin Lae are considered the most picturesque. Thanks to the limestone mountains that serve as a backdrop of the vast landscape of oversized yellow flowers that turn their faces to follow the sun.

Photo: Mark Lehmkuhler

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